What We Do

At Advancing People you can be assured that your company’s best interests are at heart. When it comes to finding the right sales people for your sales jobs you need to get it right first time!

We actively source and head hunt professionals who are in the top 5-10% of their industries – not the candidates who are on job boards and are registered with every other agency in the UK. If you wanted to recruit these candidates all you would need to do is advertise yourself on these types of job boards and this will not reach the top tier sales people who will add value to your business.

The main benefit of using Advancing People is that we act as a key recruitment provider to your business and will spend time with you to understand the key drivers in your business and what skills and attributes makes people succeed within your company. Whether you are looking to recruit a new sales team, a sales director or a sales executive we have the flexibility to provide a personal and honest approach where you, the client, feels valued. The feedback we get from clients about looking for sales people is that with other agencies they are bombarded by irrelevant C.V’s and feel like these agencies do not listen and understand their needs.

From the beginning we will establish the reason for your sales vacancy, the most important things your new sales person needs to have and will establish a budget you wish to pay this person and will only work within these parameters. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the salesperson who is right for the sales job and then realising they are out of reach from a financial perspective. It is our job to ensure every candidate you interview has the right skills, qualifications, personality fit and importantly is affordable.

At Advancing People all we ask our clients for is a chance to show them what we can do and the chance to prove we are the best people to recruit the best sales people for their sales vacancies.

Here's what we do:

We discuss the vacancy with our clients to gain a complete understanding of the type of people they are looking for.

We look through our extensive database of active and selectively looking job seekers to contact suitable candidates.

We identify potential candidates currently employed by other leading companies i.e. a client's competitors, vertical markets and professionally headhunt those people.

We can headhunt specific people that a client may identify as a potential candidate but cannot ethically approach them directly.

We ensure a potential candidate has genuine interest in a specific vacancy, and that the role and package meets their requirements.

We organise the interviews, off site, at the clients’ premises or our premises if confidentiality is needed..

We provide clients and candidates with constructive and honest post-interview feedback.

We help negotiate on behalf of clients and candidates so both are happy with package, start dates and ensure both parties are 100% clear about what they expect from one another from the start.

We keep in touch with clients and candidates based on agreed timescales to get their feedback as to how things have progressed, to ensure we genuinely have done our job: matched the right people to the right jobs and to the right organisations.

What is key to any working relationship is communication, transparency and working together as a team – we aim to be a long term recruitment partner to your business, not just another supplier.

Advancing People is a business built on high levels of mutual trust and ethics – 100% confidentiality is always assured for both clients and candidates.