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At Advancing People we aim to deal with the best people out there, offering our clients top tier candidates, often for roles exclusive to us. The benefit to the candidate is that we have a strong relationship with our clients built on trust and a track record of delivering the best people for their jobs. You will often have an interview up against a select amount of other candidates – not hundreds which is typical in this marketplace, so you will stand a good chance of being successful.

We treat each of our candidates as individuals and provide a high level of customer service throughout the recruitment process. It is crucial your expectations are set at the correct levels, particularly in an economy where there are fewer jobs than people available. We provide honest feedback on C.V.’s, interviews where appropriate and we will give you our professional opinion in order to help you moving forward. We will not just tell you what you want to hear.

We will always take your phone call where possible and we will call you back when we say we will. The main criticism candidates have about recruitment agencies is a general lack of contact and being told about irrelevant roles. This is where we are different. From the initial registration process we will only speak to you about roles meeting the criteria we have mutually set based on: type of role/company, salary and location. Due to the fact that we work very selectively with our clients you can be assured Advancing People will be working with clients that other agencies may not be talking to.

We also need to be sure that you are the right sort of person for our clients, so we need to talk to you. Also our service isn't all about existing vacancies that we already know about, it is also about finding vacancies that are right for you by getting to know you, and then doing the hard work for you i.e. contacting organisations, speaking with Key decision makers, and getting you that foot in the door.

This is what we can do for you: 

We can look through our database of existing vacancies to see which roles meet your needs i.e. suit your skills and experience, and meet location, salary and overall package expectations.

We can identify potential employers not on our database that we think could be suitable for you and can contact the key decision makers to see if they have positions available or can create a new role.

We can even contact those companies that YOU identify as of interest to you and see if they have positions available. Do you have a sector you'd like to work in? Do you even have a specific top ten of companies you'd like to work for?

If there are no existing vacancies that are of interest, we can act on your behalf to see if a client is willing to create a vacancy if the right person is available i.e. you!

We ensure a potential employer has a genuine interest in you, and that the role and package meets your requirements, we don't want to waste your time or our clients’ time.

We organise your interviews and provide you with constructive post-interview feedback and extra support as and when required.

We can help negotiate on your behalf when you receive an offer so you are happy with package, start date and ensure both parties are 100% clear about what they expect from one another.

We are paid by our clients for finding them the best sales people for their vacancies so our service to you is free. Not actively looking for a new role?

If you are currently working and wish to “selectively” look at potential roles we guarantee that your details will remain 100% confidential and we will only speak to you about potential jobs that meet the parameters we have mutually set. 

We promise your C.V. will only be forwarded for roles once we have discussed a role with you and you are happy to proceed. 

Still need convincing? 

Please contact us on 01234 26 80 12 or we are confident that once you speak with us you will have all the reassurance you need. Why not also have a look at our testimonials…