Advice for Candidates

Working together with you, the candidate is very much a two way relationship and we both need to commit to making things work as a partnership and promise each other we will deliver this.

What we need from you
Commitment – If you have decided to approach us or we have approached you and you are interested in roles through Advancing People you will need to research companies ahead of interviews in order to be prepared. You will need to attend interviews on time and give us honest feedback from these interviews.

Communication – This is crucial to any relationship and is clearly two –way, we promises to contact you promptly and will always take your call if we can there and then and will call you back as soon as physically possible. In return, if we call you and you can talk then you take the call and if we leave a message you will call us back as soon as possible. We do appreciate if you are working you may find it hard to talk and may only be able to talk on your breaks.

Honesty – We can be good at influencing people to be interested in roles but we do not want to waste our clients’ time or yours so please be honest, if a role is not paying enough money or the commute is just to far then let us know sooner rather than later – we will not fall out with you and will just try harder to find the perfect role. We will be honest too, with interview feedback, good or bad and with advice on presentation, CV writing and interview techniques.

Referrals – We have built our business and the Advancing People brand on delivering the very best value service to clients and the most pro-active service to you the candidate. All that we ask in return is that if you do know anyone that is looking for a new role or clients that may be looking to recruit then let us know! We pay a generous £150 when we successfully place a candidate or fill a role from your recommendation. We do not need to mention your name and you can contact us easily on or by phone on 01234268012 *terms apply.

Interview Techniques
Our observation of the marketplace is that most interviews are generally competency based – whilst a huge emphasis is based on personality you must research the following to be prepared and to have the edge on the competition:

The Company
What do you know about the clients business? What has been their turnover in the past couple of years? What is their history and what future plans do they have? Who are their main competitors? How does their product/service reach their marketplace? Are you able to speak to someone who works for the client for a rounded overview of their business? (Sometimes we may be able to help with this)

The Role
What is the reason for the vacancy? If someone is leaving, why is this? Was this based on a lack of skills, effort or purely personality? What are the short, medium and long term goals for the role? What are the targets or KPI’s if any, are these targets realistic and what are they based on? What type of personality will fit in with the clients’ team and culture?

Examples of relevant experience
Once you have an understanding of what the client does and their route to market if appropriate, you need to convey your relevant experience. Provide detailed examples of dealing with the same customer base or working within the same sector, record key customers dealt with or skills used relevant to the role. Also it is good to demonstrate where you have had big successes, as this will be looked on very positively. Equally, be prepared to talk about where you have had challenges and how you have managed internal and external relationships.

Closing the interview
Do not forget, you are in a competitive marketplace and the client may be surprised if you were not to try and close them! If you are interested in roles, make sure you tell the client just how interested you are.

Do not be afraid of asking the client:
“What reservations may you have, if any?” If there are no reservations you know you are halfway there. Equally, if there are some reservations at least you will be giving yourself a chance to overcome these reservations there and then.

Some good examples of closing may be:
“Thank you for your time and I certainly feel this role is right for me but most importantly I am right for the role. What reservations may you have if any and where do we go from here?”

“I am very keen on this job with your company, what more would you like to know about my relevant skills and achievements to date?”

In a marketplace where even interviews for jobs are at a premium and competition is high, any extra advantage can really make a difference. Throughout the recruitment process Advancing People will make sure you are fully prepared for interviews and importantly understand the process and the clients’ expectations.

If you have any questions about interviews at any stage all you need to do is ask for our help or advice.

Template CV’s
In order to give you a few examples of what may work for you as a CV we have upload 2 real life examples and one file which illustrates an easy to use and effective layout if preferred.

Download CV Template 1
Download CV Template 2
Download CV Template 3